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ゾンビ屋れい子, , Reiko the Zombie Shop , Reiko's Zombie Services , Zombie Ya Reiko , Zonbiya Reiko

From Dark Horse:

Terror has struck the sleepy little town of Shiraike. A serial killer stalks the streets murdering innocent girls. Twenty-nine grisly murders have been committed, with no clues to catch the killer. That is, until the town receives a strange visitor: a beautiful young woman who can raise the dead. She is Reiko the Zombie Shop, necromancer for hire. For a price, she'll wake your dead, if only to find a clue to their demise, but she's not responsible for what the dead will say or do once they awaken!


From Wiki:

Reiko the Zombie Shop (ゾンビ屋 れい子 Zombie-ya Reiko?) is a Japanese manga series by Rei Mikamoto, chronicling the exploits of Reiko Himezono, a teenage “zombie shop”, or a "...necromancer-for-hire employed by bereaved families to resurrect departed loved ones for a short time so that the dead may impart their final truths to the living."

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  1. Comedy, Horror, Josei, Supernatural
  2. 1999
  3. Completed
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