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全部俺のモノ!; 全部是我的; You Are All Mine!; Zenbu Ore no Mono

1) You Are All Mine!
When Tsukasa loses a bet to Hijiri he has to be his slave for three days. But what exactly does he want Tsukasa to do?

2) What is This Thing Called Love?
Hayama just received a love letter from a guy! If only it was from Suzuya-sempai...

3) Impulse
Pretending to be drunk Naoyuki takes advantage of his friend Ikkei. Ikkei shrugs it off the next day, but Naoyuki's not ready to give up.

4) Bias
Naoyuki and Ikkei vacation at a hot spring.

5) Darling
Yuuya lives with his cousin Ryou. Ryou doesn't charge him rent in exchange for his body, but Yuuya wants something more.

6) Machine Gun Talk
Chatty Hibiki and quiet Madoka are childhood friends. But when Hibiki tells Madoka to be nicer to girls and Madoka gets popular, Hibiki gets angry!

7) Sentimental Courtship
Saotome has a crush on Hiragi, but afraid of rejection, all he can do is look. But when Hiragi notices him watching...

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  1. Comedy, Yaoi
  2. Completed
  3. Sakuraga Mei
  4. Sakuraga Mei
  5. 6 Votes, Rating: 4.7
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