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憂鬱な朝; 憂鬱的早晨; A Depressing Morning; Ein melancholischer Morgen; Melancholic Morning; Yuutsu

After the death of his father, Akihito Kuze became the family head of a viscountcy at the age of 10. A major-domo, Tomoyuki Katsuragi, who has both brains and beauty, takes care of the young master. Katsuragi is talented and very popular in society, but he is cold to Akihito. Does Katsuragi hate Akihito!? Akihito begins to be attracted to Katsuragi and wants to know the reason why Katsuragi is cold to him and…!? A classical romance of a young viscount and a butler. 

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  1. Drama, Historical, Slice Of Life, Yaoi
  2. Completed
  3. Hidaka Shoko
  4. 9 Votes, Rating: 5
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