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ゼロサムオリジナルアンソロジーシリーズ, Arcana (16) [童話/おとぎ話] , Arcana - Fairy Tales/Nursery Tales ,

Volume 16 : Fairy Tales/Nursery Tales

1. The Golden Wolf and Red Riding Hood by Takayama Shinobu

2. The Grateful Crane by Saeki Yashirou

3. Pinkylina by D. Kissan

4. Shiro by Kaede Tooru and Mizutani Yuzu

5. The Snake King by Kayase Shiki

6. Little Merman by Kari Erika

7. A Little Old Japanese Tale by Ogaki Chika

8. Akazukin-san to Ookami-san by Ninagawa Tomo


10. The Prince is a Herbivore by Kanou Ayumi

11. Stork's Contract by Akanatsu

12. Piggies by Mitsu Nanae

13. The Snake and the Black Lion by Serikawa Mame

14. The Centennial Brier and the Oblivious Princess (The 100 Year Thorns and the Unknowing Princess) by Akazaki Mutsumi

15. Thumbelina

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  1. Fantasy, Josei, Tragedy
  2. 2010
  3. Completed
  4. N/A
  5. Akanatsu AKAZAKI Mutsumi D. Kissan KAEDE Tooru KANO Ayumi KARI Erika KAYASE Shiki MIKAMI Ritsuhiro MIKAWA Verno MITSU Nanae MIZUTANI Yuzu NINAGAWA Tomo OGAKI Chika SAEKI Yashirou SAKURA Maro SERIKAWA Mame TAKAYAMA Shinobu
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