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ワルイ コト シタイ, 壞男人也沒關係, 好想惡作劇, I Want to Be Naughty, I Want to Be Naughty!, Quiero Ser Travieso, Tendre Voyou 1

1-3) I Want to be Naughty The Student Council has their eye on Towa Aikawa the school delinquent. He hides out on the rooftop, it's his special illegal place. He finds Mikado Shirahane on the roof one day. He's the hottest, smartest guy in school, and now he's in Towa's Xanadu...why would Towa find himself falling for him? Perhaps it's the passionate kisses and longing looks from the school stud...!? 4) I Want Your Attention College freshman Ito aka "Mad Dog" has a bad reputation and a poisonous glare, so when sophomore Hibiya accidentally steps on his contact lenses, he's sure Ito will chew him out. But Ito turns out to be surprisingly cute when he's wearing his glasses, and he's totally unaware of his bad rep. Can Hibiya help him become more approachable? Or does he want to keep Ito all to himself? 5) I Can't Resist You (Sono Te ni wa Kanawanai) Kazunari has been secretly in love with his older childhood playmate Jin since junior high. Now Jin is back after four years, and the first thing he does with Kazunari is... bite him?! 6) I Love His Light Earnest high-school student Ukiha's declares his love to dojo owner Makoto, only to get shot down. But he manages to get permission to spend the summer helping Makoto out. But at the end of the month, will Makoto's feelings have changed? 7) I Want to be Naughty extra

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  1. Comedy, Romance, School Life, Yaoi
  2. 2005
  3. Completed
  6. 10 Votes, Rating: 4.4
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