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放課後は恋のレッスンを/君は最高のダイヤモンド, , Houkago wa Koi no Lesson wo / Kimi wa Saikou no Diamond , Houkago wa Koi no

One day, being bullied by fans of the idol star, Ha Ra was rescued by Pil Lip Lee and found out that a loner in her class named Ye Myeong Han was Pil Lip Lee's scenario writer. Not liking to see how Ye Myeong Han manipulated Pil Lip Lee, Ha Ra decided to be Ye Myeong's student and be better than him. - That's where everything starts.

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  1. Josei, Romance
  2. 2012
  3. Completed
  4. MATSUNAE Akemi
  5. MATSUNAE Akemi
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