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うずまき, , 漩涡, , Spirála , Spirale (French) , The Spiral , Vortex , Whirlpool

From Viz:

Kurôzu-cho, a small fogbound town on the coast of Japan, is cursed. According to Shuichi Saito, the withdrawn boyfriend of teenager Kirie Goshima, their town is haunted not by a person or being but by a pattern: uzumaki, the spiral, the hypnotic secret shape of the world. It manifests itself in small ways: seashells, ferns, whirlpools in water, whirlwinds in air. And in large ways: the spiral marks on people's bodies, the insane obsessions of Shuichi's father, the voice from the cochlea in your inner ear. As the madness spreads, the inhabitants of Kurôzu-cho are pulled ever deeper, as if into a whirlpool from which there is no return...

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  1. Drama, Horror, Mature, Mystery, Psychological, Seinen, Supernatural, Tragedy
  2. 1998
  3. Completed
  4. ITOU Junji
  5. ITOU Junji
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