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ティンクル★ティアラ, , A Drink of Sunlight , Taiyou ga Ippai!

This is a story by the author of Kero Kero Chime, and you can tell. The characters look similar, though the plot seems different.

Rupika lives on a far off planet called Rakariina and has a growth on her head that looks like a tiara (called the Twinkle Tiara). Her grandfather tells her that her destiny begins when she meets a man with the Twinkle Crown. Every so often on this planet, a lot of meteors fall and a lot of new aliens land on the planet. Rupika goes out to see this and maybe find 'her prince' (the Twinkle Crown) and is captured by a boy named Alpha, who then mentions something about someone named Rozeus. Rupika wants to see Rozeus and leaves Alpha's spaceship, which is actually a big turtle. The new aliens seem to know something about her tiara and start harassing her, and though Alpha tries to control them he gets knocked out. Rupika's situation turns desperate but suddenly a man with the Twinkle Crown appears.

Contains an unrelated side story called Taiyou ga Ippai! (A Drink of Sunlight) in vol.1.

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  1. Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo
  2. 1999
  3. Completed
  4. FUJITA Maguro
  5. FUJITA Maguro
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