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耽美主義, , Aestheticism , In the Name of Beauty (French) , Tanbi Shugi , Transfigured Night

1) Visconti no Eiga no You ni (Just like Visconti's Movies)
A popular author puts up an ad for a sitter, "beautiful youth who specialises in making miso soup". What is he really looking for? And is that really all he wants?

2) Romantic
Romantic is the story of Konrad Nernst, a German-native who falls deeply in love with the Japanese Viscount he meets in his homeland. Walking a tight-rope between restraint and desire, Konrad agrees to return to Japan with the Viscount and serve as his butler. Every day the pair face the censure and mockery of those around them; the powerful magnates that control the Viscount's estate, the staff he employs and his devilish wife, Hanako.

3) Kiyomerareta Yoru (Transfigured Night)
His sister is dead, but still living under the same roof with his brother in law, his secret love grows stronger for the widower. The smut writer decides to move out to end this toxic relationship.

4) Hetarima!
His brother just moved in with the salaryman and he doesn't seems too pleased. In order to avoid the younger brother, he takes to drinking with his colleagues every night, sometimes passing out in strange alleys.

5) Koroshiya Drop (Assassin Drop)

6) Shinshokusuru Shi no Gaspard
A short novel.

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  1. Drama, Historical, Romance, Supernatural, Tragedy, Yaoi
  2. 2009
  3. Completed
  4. MOTONI Modoru
  5. MOTONI Modoru
  6. 1 Votes, Rating: 4
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