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Unmei no Anata, Distant Dream

1-3) Tooi Nemuri After the death of his best friend, Chizumi, the young president of a sweets-maker company, decided to adopt his late friend’s son, Ibuki. As Chizumi watches Ibuki grow, Ibuki became more and more the spitting image of his father which made Chizumi unable to help but be reminded of the time when Natsume was still alive. Fortunately for him, Yatabe is always there to share his burden of the past among other things... And then one day, Ibuki confessed his love for Chizumi!? 4) Unmei no Anata High school student who moves from partner to partner is in trouble when an ex-lover reappears looking for revenge.

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  1. Drama, Yaoi
  2. 2008
  3. Completed
  4. YAMAKAMI Riyu
  5. YAMAKAMI Riyu
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