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とうきょうレイヴンズ, 东京乌鸦, 東京レイヴンズ, 東京烏鴉

By MyPersonal-scan- An Onmyodo School Fantasy of a Failing Private Onmyo Academy Student!! Tsuchimikado Harutora was born into a prestigious Onmyoji family, but he can't see "spirit energy". Therefore, he's been enjoying a peaceful daily life with his friends at an Onmyo branch school. One day, his childhood friend Tsuchimikado Natsume, heir to the head family, suddenly appears. Will this cause his destiny spring into motion!?

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  1. Comedy, Romance, School Life, Shounen, Supernatural
  2. 2009
  3. Completed
  4. SUZUMI Atsushi
  5. AZANO Kouhei
  6. 5 Votes, Rating: 4.8
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