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幽灵王, 幽霊王, 유령왕, Phantom King, Yuurei Oh, Yuurei Ou

11 years ago, Eun Sung-min was one of the few survivors from a village that experienced the "Evil Phenomenon". He and his maid were saved by the mysterious Phantom King and his group, Phantom. Now the Special Environmental Protection Agency is searching for the answers to what happened on that fateful day, and how to combat the "Evil Spirits" that caused such mayhem. By Dredshi Scans Prologue (From Volume 1): The great 'incident' of Yong-Ah city has made the whole world acknowledge the 'Evil Phenomenon' as a disaster and the enemy of humanity. 11 years later, the survivors have reconstructed Yong-Ah city, overcoming the horrible incident and finally leading a peaceful life. Eun Sung Min, living with only the family maid, is one of those survivors. But there was a faint memory that resurfaced through that painful memory... "Phantom King"; and, a stranger who appeared one day, Choi Seung Cheol, explaining the dangers of the new 'Evil'. He convinces Sung Min to fight the covered truth about 'Evil'. What choice will Sung Min make in the face of this upcoming danger....?

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  1. Action, Drama, Ecchi, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural
  2. 2008
  3. Completed
  4. YOON Jae Ho
  5. IM Dal-Young
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