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パロット, , 北条司, 全彩短篇集, , 北条司短編集, , 幸福的人, , Air Man , Cat's Eye Short Story , Hojo Tsukasa Tanpenshu , Ho

A collection of short stories done in color with the help of Nagata Futoshi and Mayuko Nishiyama for CG. The main story is the 9 scenes Parrot, a guy who can imitate any voice he hears.

5 short stories:
- Parrot
- The Eyes of Assassin
- Air Man
- Cat's Eye
- Portrait of Father

109 color pages.

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  1. Comedy, Drama, Psychological, Seinen
  2. 1998
  3. Completed
  4. HOJO Tsukasa NAGATA Futoshi [Add]
  5. HOJO Tsukasa
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