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브레이커, Breaker

The new English teacher, Chun-Woo, is not your ordinary teacher. Shioon, a victim of constant bullying, unexpectedly witnesses Chun-Woo's fighting power, and begs him to make him his disciple. Chun-Woo claims he can teach Shioon only if he is truly determined, and Shioon must jump off a bridge into a deep river in order to prove it! It turns out, however, that Chun-Woo and his powers are more than meets the eye. Shioon makes a grand entrance into the hidden world of martial arts, and he is about to be taught by the best there is! Seria continuates with The Breaker: New Waves!

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  1. Action, Comedy, Drama, Martial Arts, School Life, Shounen
  2. 2006
  3. Completed
  4. PARK Jin Hwan
  5. JEON Geuk-jin
  6. 8 Votes, Rating: 4.9
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