Takaramono Manga

たからもの, , 理所當然的愛, , Treasure (YAMAKAMI Riyu)

Volume 1
1) Takaramono
Naoyuki, a sincere and honest country boy comes to Tokyo for high school and stays with his cousin's family. At first everybody takes advantage of him, thinking that he's too naive to catch on. His cousin Satoshi, who's in college, is no different. He demands that Naoyuki have sex with him in exchange for tutoring him... In no time, despite his less than honourable initiate intention, Satoshi starts falling in love with the pure-hearted boy.

2) Kimochi no Yukue
Oneshot also found in Double Lover - Koibito no Namae.

3) Melody
Futuristic Sci-fi story about a singer and an android that was abandoned. Not scanlated.

4) Afterword

Volume 2
1-2) Takaramono

3) Afterword

Volume 3
1) Takaramono

2) Kimi to Konomama
Tells of a tragic love story between a boxer with an incurable illness and his loyal fan. Not scanlated.

3) Takaramono EX

4) Afterword

Volume 4
1) Takaramono

2) Kimi ni Ai ni
An exchange student from Britain suddenly proclaims his love for his Japanese classmate and goes on the offence. Oneshot also found in Saikou no Kimi.

3) Yakusoku
AKA Promise, also found in Koibito no Jikan.

4) Afterword

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  1. Comedy, Drama, Romance, School Life, Sci-fi, Slice of Life, Sports, Yaoi
  2. 1998
  3. Completed
  4. YAMAKAMI Riyu
  5. YAMAKAMI Riyu
  6. 3 Votes, Rating: 5
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