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Suiito 2 - Kowareruhodo Dakishimete , Sweet 2 - Embrace Me Until I Break

1) 10 Days by Aihara Miki High school senior, Aiko, and 30-year-old Shirakawa are to have an arranged marriage, so they decide to try being a couple for 10 days... 2) There's No Logic To Love! by Usami Maki Mayu can't get over her big shock from being dumped. But that's about to change with Tsukiyama! 3) Happy Happy Letter by Kikuchi Kamaro Aiko is extremely thrilled to receive her first love letter. But the sender didn't include his name... 4) The Prince's Servant by Natsume Aiko She's only in high school, and having an arranged marriage!? Plus her partner may be rich, but he's her classmate... 5) An Adult's Love and A Child's Affair by Kawamaru Shin Norika is going out with a working man. She's only in high school, but she lied, telling him she's working too... 6) My Sweet Honey by Kanesada Yukio Kimi has fallen in love with the school's "prince", Ken. All she could do was gaze at him, but he somehow became her boyfriend!?

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  1. Romance, Shoujo
  2. 2003
  3. Completed
  4. Miki Aihara, Aiko Natsume, Maki Usami, Kikuchi Kam,
  5. Miki Aihara, Aiko Natsume, Maki Usami, Kikuchi Kam,
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