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???????????????????, Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai!!, Sukisho, Sukisyo

[Taken From Aku Tenshi]: Sunao and I are childhood friends and also college roommates. Due to the Culture Festival, our class decided that we were going to perform "Swan Lake" and made me play the part of the "prince". Sunao, being so slender and delicate to the point that he could be mistaken for a girl, was, of course, chosen to play the role of the "princess". But since he hates to deal with people, he didn't like that idea too much... A trouble-filled campus boys love story!! Based on a Boys Love game with the name, Sukisho or Sukisyo.

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  1. Romance, Shounen Ai
  2. 2000
  3. Completed
  4. Matsudaira Tooru
  5. Tsutae Yuzu, Matsudaira Tooru,
  6. 1 Votes, Rating: 4
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