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???????, What a Wonderful World, What a Wonderful World!

Being his first series, What a Wonderful World remains Asano?s most representative and successful work to date. Composed of vignettes from the daily lives of a group of people inhabiting an ordinary neighborhood somewhere in Tokyo, the series is actually a comment about modern life itself and how we can survive in it despite all its rigors. Amusing, melancholic, funny, strange, thought-provoking?Asano effortlessly shifts from one mood to another, creating stories and characters that are profoundly human and thus always involving. It?s a shame that not everyone will find the subjects the author describes equally appealing since some of them are distinctly Japanese. But overall, it?s a great collection that any discerning manga reader should check out.

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  1. Drama, Seinen, Slice Of Life
  2. 2002
  3. Completed
  4. Asano Inio
  5. Asano Inio
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