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スピカ ~羽海野チカ初期短編集~; Spica - Chika Umino's Early Shorts Collection; Spica - Umino Chika Shoki Tanpenshuu

A collection of short stories originally published in Japan between 2000 and 2004: • Fuyu no Kirin (April 2004) • Spica (October 2002) • Midori no Koinu (August 2000) • Hana no Yurikago (December 2001) • Yuuhi Candy (June 2000) • Innocence o Machinagara (February 2004) 

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  • 3 years agoSpica 1: The Giraffe of Winter
  • 3 years agoSpica 5: Sunset Candy
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  1. Drama, Romance, Shoujo
  2. Completed
  3. Umino Chica
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