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それを言ったらおしまいよ Don't Say Any More, Darling

ouhei is a doctor at the local university hospital who has lost touch with his high school friend Tadashi. While Kouhei grew up to become a successful young doctor, Tadashi became a jobless, poor-as-dirt, flaming gay writer. But one lonely night, at his wits end, Tadashi sends Kouhei a text message and receives a reply. Of course Tadashi has secretly harbored feelings for Kouhei for a long time. But when he finds out Kouhei is getting set-up for an arranged marriage… (this is for the first chapter only; the other 4 chapters are unrelated) The only thing keeping Tadashi, a struggling song lyricist, alive is food handouts from Kouhei, a successful doctor. In fact, Tadashi has been leeching off of Kouhei for practically their entire professional lives. Before they arrived at this queer living arrangement, they once enjoyed a little fling back when they were in high school. Though the affair ended briefly afterwards, they've remained fast friends still. But Kouhei's parents want nothing more than to see their son settling down. As Kouhei is pushed ever more forcefully into an arranged marriage, will he finally admit that he sees Tadashi as something more than just a friend? [B-U M]

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  1. Comedy, Drama, Josei, Sci-fi, Shounen Ai, Slice of Life, Yaoi
  2. 1999
  3. Completed
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