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??????, Do Not Sit There, Soko ni Suwaruna

From Shinmakoku Scanlations: 1-3) Soko ni Suwaruna (Do Not Sit There) Hayama was lovers with his roommate. He went on a trip abroad and when he returned he expected to be greeted by his lover but instead found a strange man named Namikawa. The stranger told him he was to be his new roommate. The truth is, Hayama had been abandoned without knowing about it. Namikawa felt sorry for him, and started to develop a feeling of love and jealousy toward the pure and timid Hayama... This is the story of a true love that helped heal the wound of being abandoned. 4) Maki no Iibun (Maki's Reasoning) A short story from the side of Hayama's ex-lover, Maki. 5) Fureru Chikasa de (So Close That It Touches)

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  1. Drama, Yaoi
  2. 2007
  3. Completed
  4. Asou Kai
  5. Asou Kai
  6. 7 Votes, Rating: 4.6
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