Shounen wa Asu wo Korosu Manga

少年は明日を殺す, , 少年沒有明天, , Shounen wa Ashita wo Korosu , Shounen wa Asu wo Korosu , The Boys With Tomorrow to Conquer

Rebellious misfit Fujieda Kei hates everything about his life; the elite private school he was forced to attend, his unreliable 'friends', and the annoying cellphone which is always buzzing with calls from people who want to ask him for favours as the school's bad-boy.
Quiet, studious, and admired by students and teachers alike, Sakuraba Atsushi appears to be his polar opposite in every way.

Since they obviously have nothing in common, they had never even spoken to each other before - despite being classmates. But all of this changes one day when Fujieda's classroom prank goes wrong; Sakuraba lets his unemotional demeanour slip for a moment as he taunts Fujieda and his vagrant lifestyle.
Faced with Sakuraba's true personality, Fujieda is gripped by an emotion he had never experienced before...

There are two extra stories in the second volume:
1) Kan no Naka no Watashi no Kedamono (My Caged Beast)
A psychological story taking place inside the tight security of a yakuza base.

2) Indigo Blue
Koga and Shiba don't quite fit into the ordered Japanese system, and so they leave the country. We pick them up again 4 years later in Mexico City. One final dirty job, and they'll have enough to retire to that Caribbean island with the sky of indigo blue...

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  1. Drama, School Life, Shounen Ai, Slice of Life
  2. 1997
  3. Completed
  4. ISHIHARA Satoru
  5. ISHIHARA Satoru
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