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Любовь потерянных сердец, S・L・H ストレイ・ラブ・ハーツ!, S・L・H ~ストレイ・ラブ・ハーツ~, S.L.H - Stray Love Hearts!, SLH, Stray Love Hearts!

On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, Kozue Hiyoki is visited in her dreams by a man who steals her heart- literally! Determined to find him and retrieve her stolen heart, Hiyoki, with the color of the man's hair and the tattoo on his chest as her only leads, enrolls in the S-Hall dormitories of St. Nazareth Academy, but quickly realizes that its residents are not at all like she expected... For starters, they're all guys! There, Hiyoki soon discovers that she has the ability to look inside her dorm-mates' dreams, which may be the key to uncovering the identity of the thief who stole her heart.... But perhaps her biggest challenge is that most of the guys won't let Hiyoki into their rooms, much less their hearts!

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  1. Fantasy, Harem, Romance, School Life, Shoujo, Supernatural
  2. 2005
  3. Completed
  4. SHOUOTO Aya
  5. SHOUOTO Aya
  6. 9 Votes, Rating: 4.1
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