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リョウ, , 再生英雌凌, , 료우, , Ryo

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Ryo thinks she is a normal girl living a normal high school life in modern day Tokyo. But is she? On a school trip, a mysterious man attacks her and claims that he is Benkei, the legendary warrior monk who collected 999 of his opponents' swords in battle during the Heinan era. And he also claims that she is Ushiwakamura, the 1000th opponent, that according to folklore, beat Benkei and became his master. But...Ushiwakamura was a man! And Benkei and Ushiwakamura existed in 13th century feudal Japan!

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  1. Adventure, Drama, Historical, Romance, Shoujo, Tragedy
  2. 1996
  3. Completed
  4. UEDA Rinko
  5. UEDA Rinko
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