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力王, , Riki Oh , Violence Hero Riki-Oh

In the late 1990s, society is descending into ecological collapse and totalitarianism. Saiga Riki-Oh, 21, finds himself in jail.

Set in the near future, at the privately-owned Tokyo State Prison. Like the chilling wind of the end of a century, a mysterious man with a six-pointed star on his fist entered the pen.

Saiga Riki-Oh--serving a term of three years, due to assault, his first offense. Riki-Oh openly antagonizes The Four Emperors, four powerful prisoners that control the prison and keep the rest of the inmates in line.


There's a oneshot at the end of volume 11 & 12, Kirinji and NY Dust respectively. The NY Dust oneshot is the pilot for the series The Hard.

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  1. Action, Adventure, Drama, Martial Arts, Mature, Seinen
  2. 1988
  3. Completed
  4. SARUWATARI Tetsuya
  5. MASAHIKO Takajo
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