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Motoba Hitachi has lived a boring high school life, until his kouhai invited him to a real-life simulation event of Incubate Castle, an online game they both played. But, what seemed like a harmless replication of the game turned out to be as real as it could get. Now, Hitachi must find allies to get out and survive this reality of a game. 

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  • Volume 01
  • 3 years agoRealPG 1: Cannot Replay the Real
  • 3 years agoRealPG 2: I'll Break The Contradictions
  • 3 years agoRealPG 3: A Strong-Willed Ally
  • 3 years agoRealPG 4: I'll Make A Righteous Miracle!
  • 3 years agoRealPG 5: No One Can Stop Senpai Anymore!
  • 3 years agoRealPG 6: Let This Body Recieve the Pain of the Real
  • 3 years agoRealPG 7: Please Only Look at Me
  • 3 years agoRealPG 7.5: Extra Stage
  • 3 years agoRealPG 8: I Have to Pull Myself Together
  • 3 years agoRealPG 9: Guardians of the Borderline
  • 2 years agoRealPG 10: Stage X: Life Is Precious! Don't Interfere With It!
  • 2 years agoRealPG 11: Warriors of the Purgatory
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  1. Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-fi, Shounen
  2. Completed
  3. Doumoto Yuki
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