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Al Foster is a private detective whose workday life suddenly shakes up with the arrival of 13-year-old Rai Spencer, youngest son of the billionaire Spencer family, genius child prodigy, and unrepentant smart aleck. Rai has an unusual gift--his telekinetic powers can knock out anyone who stands in his path. He also has a sister who sports a mean left hook. But what Rai desperately needs is someone to figure out who has been trying to kill him for the past month! From international bestselling mangaka Sanami Matoh, creator of the hit FAKE, comes a hard-boiled mystery that explodes with drama, romance, and bursts of shining white light. {taken from the blurb of the English volume}

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  • 3 years agoRa-i 1: Ra-i
  • 3 years agoRa-i 2: Kitten on Parade
  • 3 years agoRa-i 3: Perfect Game
  • 3 years agoRa-i 4: Small Prince {End}
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  1. Comedy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural
  2. 1994
  3. Completed
  4. Matoh Sanami
  5. Matoh Sanami
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