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Just by looking at his face even a small kid will crying in fear. A guy named QP (Kyuupi), scar face guy is the most fearsome man in banten secondary school. He solely beat up a whole guys in asakanuma secondary school that famous with their worst head tsugawa. It is just one of the legends told under his name. After that disasterous event he transfered to a special institute but insted of that rumours said he build a rapport relationship with the yakuza. After goes out from that institute 4 years later he going for a job at the gas station, this begin the nighmare of the ex asakanuma secondary school toru and kenshiro after being beat up from his previous rampage. From that the legendary kyuupi begining again after one after another his old enemy seeking for revenge and hold grudge. Rumours said that this manga is the prequel to "worst" and "crow" manga. [MangaHelpers]

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  1. Shounen
  2. 1999
  3. Completed
  4. TAKAHASHI Hiroshi
  5. TAKAHASHI Hiroshi
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