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ファラオの墓, , 法老王之墓, , Grave of the Pharaoh , Pharaohs Tomb , The Pharaoh's Tomb , The Pyramid of Pharaoh , The Tomb of Pharaoh

Egypt, a four thousand year old civilization, has now collapse and entered into a war-torn era.
There will be a period of power and angry waves. The small country, Esteria, was invaded and destroyed by their neighbouring country, Urjna, and its pharaoh, Sneferu. Prince Sariokis vows to get revenge on Sneferu, and avenge Esteria.

Takemiya Keiko's historical fantasy from 1974 set in the ancient Egypt. This is the work that allowed Takemiya to publish Kaze to Ki no Uta with it's success, that was refused by several publishers before.

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  1. Adventure, Drama, Historical, Shoujo
  2. 1974
  3. Completed
  4. TAKEMIYA Keiko
  5. TAKEMIYA Keiko
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