Passionate Two-Face Manga

열정의 투 페이스

Lost and confused over the loss of his only love Haeji, Sangbaek meets a very special make-up artist by chance and becomes the most good-looking guy of the day. The catch is, he has to give the artist every right to his life including his face. Sangbaek's handsome face attracts everyone's attention, but his mind is set on nothing but getting back his love Haeji. Could he really turn back Haeji's mind when she has already given her heart to a rich and powerful man? Youjung Lee's dramatic wizardry in Passionate Two-Face will leave you mulling over the true face of love.

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  1. Fantasy, Romance
  2. 1996
  3. Completed
  4. LEE You Jung
  5. LEE You Jung
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