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王子様のお勉強, Prince's Lesson

1) Prince's Lesson The instructor of the prince tries to teach him how to have sex but the prince wants him to demonstrate... 2) How About a Wolf? The cute childhood friend of the hero is two years younger than him. He was shorter than the hero and often followed him like a little dog, but now he has grown up so tall and turns out to be a very wild guy, like wolf. 3) Please Also Give me Your Feelings The temporary workers of a video rental shop become sexual companions. The hero begins to love another worker but can not tell it... 4) 23cm Depression The hero and his old friend were of the same height in their childhood but now the hero is shorter than his friend, so he feels complexed... 5) My Big Strategy A boy learns that his next-door neighbor will transfer to a far away place with his parents and confines the guy. 6) Elegant Body The roommate persuades the hero every day to be his nude model. The hero accepts it but he is nearly raped by the roommate...

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  1. Yaoi
  2. 2001
  3. Completed
  4. MATSUMOTO Temari
  5. MATSUMOTO Temari
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