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王子様ゲーム, , 王子様★ゲーム, , 王子游戏, , Prince Game

A series of interconnected romantic comedy one-shots involving a Royal Family with 7+ sons in line for the throne and the men they fall in love with. The series also occasionally chronicles the romances of other palace employees and secondary characters.

1) Prince vs Slave
The youngest (7th) prince Shuki, gets huged by new slave, Fuanron, that seems to know young prince. Shuki starts to bully the slave till their roles get reversed and he even takes place of the prince's teacher, Riiren. Who is Fuanron in reality?

2) Prince vs Assassin
1st prince, Ryuuen, gets attacked by Seiran, but he defeats him and makes a deal: the assassin can try to kill him all the time, but if he fails, then he must spend the night in the prince's embrace; and so starts Seiran's life as an official consort.

3) Right-handed Priest vs Left-handed Priest
Rei has been in love with Ryuuen (the 1st prince) for years and now he has finally become the minister of the right. He thinks he can get closer to the 1st prince, but there is an obstacle, the minster of the left, Rai, that says that he is in love in Ryuuen too.

4) Mecenary vs Prince
6th prince, Kagetsu, fell in love in Jin, who helped him with his wounded feet. Now he escapes from the castle everyday to tell Jin that he loves him, but the mercenary doesn't believe him. Suzaku always comes to drag Kagetsu back to the castle, but what are his real motives?

5) Scramble Showdown
Short comics (one page for each) with pairing: Jin x Ryuuen x Seiran, Rai x Seiran, Kagetsu x Fuanron x Shuki, Rei x Shuki (x Rai x Fuanron), Suzaku x Riiren x Tailor. This story of 2nd prince is also featured in the manga, Ousama Game.

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  1. Comedy, Drama, Historical, Romance, Yaoi
  2. 2004
  3. Completed
  4. TAKAGI Ryo
  5. TAKAGI Ryo
  6. 3 Votes, Rating: 4.7
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