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Orochi: Blood

One night after fighting with her husband, Lisa goes on a drunk-driving spree and crashes into another car. Fortunately, a mysterious girl named Orochi is there to divert the car enough, so that Lisa's injuries aren't fatal. As a result though, Orochi falls asleep for several decades. Eventually, Orochi wakes to find that she's being taken into the mansion where the two sisters now live together as older women where the truth gradually emerges where we find out the true nature of these sisters. ----- The first story is called "Sisters" : "This is a story depicting the horrible, tenacious nature of a woman's heart so detestable, it invites other worldly judgement."

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  1. Drama, Horror, Mystery, Psychological
  2. 1999
  3. Completed
  4. UMEZU Kazuo
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