Oboreru Kemono no Koibito Manga

Conflict of Love, Oboreru Kedamono no Koibito

Kazuki, the young master of Toudou Group undergoes training on becoming the heir of the company per his father's instruction, which finally drives his tutor for 12 years and now lover, Chiharu, to the brink of insanity and takes matters into his hands! How far would Chiharu go and how much could Kazuki tolerate from his beast lover? The most popular "beast" couple's drama unfolds! The series goes like this: 1. Happy Yarou Wedding 2. Utsukushiki Kemonotachi 3. Virgin Love 4. Toriko ni Natta Kemono 5. Junai no Seinen 6. Kemono wa Ai de, Iyasareru 7. Playboy Amour 8. Oboreru Kemono no Koibito

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  1. Drama, Romance, Smut, Yaoi
  2. 2007
  3. Completed
  6. 6 Votes, Rating: 3.7
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