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少女薄命~猫目堂ココロ譚~; 百合心中~猫目堂ココロ譚; Cat's Eye Hall: Tales of the Heart; Shoujo Hakumei; Yuri Shinjuu; Yuri Shinjuu - Nekomedou Kokoro Tan; Yuri Shinjuu - Nekomedou Kokoro-tan; Yuri Shinjuu - Nekomedou Kokorotan

From Lililicious: Cat's Eye Hall is a mysterious shop that exists to guide lost hearts. If your heart is lost, follow a black cat and you might just end up here... In the Nekomedou Kokoro Tan series: V.1 - Yuri Shinjuu (A Yuri Double Suicide) - A Yuri Double Suicide Shiho and Hiyori think they can only be together in death. But as they're looking for a place to commit suicide, Hiyori disappears and Shiho follows a cat to a mysterious shop called the Cat's Eye Hall. - Beautiful, Cruel Pride - Hana ga Chittemo - Shitataka de Ite Bukiyou na - Kaminagahime V.2 - Shoujo Hakumei - Shibaru Ito - Stella Maris - Satou Kashi wa Yume wo Miru - Amai Moumoku

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  1. School Life, Shoujo Ai, Yuri
  2. Completed
  3. Shinonome Mizuo
  4. Shinonome Mizuo
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