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L'expansion du dehors, Screw-Style, The Outside Inflation, Wind-Up Type

Collection of short stories including: • Nejishiki A man get's bitten on the arm by a jelly fish on a village beach foreign to him. He sets off desperately searching for a doctor who can heal his bleeding veins... Tsuge's 3rd-only English translated work, a senstional and controversial piece that stunned American audiences when published in issue #250 of The Comics Journal. One of Tsuge's "dream stories". • Soto no Fukurami (The Outside Inflation) The outside inexplicably threatens to collapse a man's house, leading him out to a world of anxiety and oddness in this minimalist story.

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  1. Adventure, Drama, Mature, Psychological, Seinen
  2. Completed
  3. TSUGE Yoshiharu
  4. TSUGE Yoshiharu
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