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1-2) Whenever college student Shirou gets in trouble, his father's secretary Kawata is sent to deal with him. But Kawata's punishments are all sexual. Does Shirou want to get in trouble more? 3) A Greedy Right Hand A young tutor gets involved with his student. 4) Fascinating Counseling Miyamoto the psychologist has a patient that seems to imagine Miyamoto and him are lovers. The patient even goes as far as describing their imaginary love making! 5) 10 Million Dollar Lover Jirou sees a sad man wandering the streets in the rain and invites him over. After a year of living together, the man's secrets are finally revealed. 6) I Love You Firmly Bound 23 year old Tatshuhiko likes to fantasies about S&M and one day his 17 year old cousin, Makoto, discovers his secret.

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  1. Yaoi
  2. 1999
  3. Completed
  4. KABUTOMARU Chouko
  5. KABUTOMARU Chouko
  6. 3 Votes, Rating: 5
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