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I'll be watching you

Three stories featuring an element of voyeurism - one man observing the object of his affection. 1. Mitsumete Itai (I'll Be Watching You): Chief Yamaguchi, a middle-aged married company manager, meets up with carefree motormouth Abe Kazuki once a month for dinner and sex. But each man secretly longs for greater intimacy. Over time they do become close, but the Chief's transfer to America and family problems threaten to ruin their fragile affair. 2. Ore ga Iru Kara (Because I'll Be There): High school student Yagi is caught making out with a girl by Karino, senior member of the rugby club. As the school bad boy, this is no big deal for Yagi - especially since he and Karino weren't friends in the first place. But when the tables are turned a week later, Yagi must summon the courage to be a hero. 3. Yume no Hate (The End of a Dream): John, a jaded male escort, has dreams of being with Chris, his aloof agent. How can a client's run-of-the-mill filming request drive these two professionals apart?

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  1. Drama, Yaoi
  2. 2003
  3. Completed
  4. NISHIDA Higashi
  5. NISHIDA Higashi
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