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マルヒメガネ男子倶楽部; マル秘メガネ男子倶楽部; 眼鏡男俱樂部; 秘メガネ男子倶楽部; (秘)(マルヒ)メガネ男子倶楽部; (蜜)メガネ男子倶楽部; Maruhi Megane Danshi Kurabu; Moe Megane Danshi Kurabu

In the Megane Danshi Kurabu: 1) Maruhi Megane Danshi Kurabu Shirokane Academy photography club exists not only because of the photos, but it is also a secrect club for megane guys. During their everyday lives, club members picks up guys who look good with glasses. The club is filled with the love of glasses manics. This is for the girls who are crazy with glasses and the heart pound love of them... please look forward to it~ - ShoujoLove 2) Moe Megane Danshi Kurabu 

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  1. Romance, Shoujo
  2. Completed
  3. Kawamaru Shin
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