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マンホール, , マンホール, 〜脳を喰らう寄生虫〜, , Manhole ~Nou wo Kurau Kiseichuu~

What do two Japanese detectives, a naked man on a city street, and a roundworm from Botswana all have in common? In the first volume of Manhole, Ken Mizoguchi and Nao Inoue investigate a string of bloody and mysterious murders, but their work uncovers a deadly biological agent which poses a threat of epidemic proportions. An unlikely lead starts them in the pursuit of a mysterious self-titled photographer, but meanwhile the infections keep spreading. The series may be best described as the thrilling combination of a detective story with biological horror.

Kitajima from Reset has a guest role in volume 3.

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  1. Horror, Mature, Mystery, Seinen
  2. 2004
  3. Completed
  4. TSUTSUI Tetsuya
  5. TSUTSUI Tetsuya
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