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メイドイン王子; Maid of Prince

1) Maid in Prince After his father's bank failed and his parents became ill, Shimura Mikoto is the only one who can save his family. But he's not suited to any job no matter how hard he tries. Then he's picked up by the heir of the rival bank, Kimishiro Marehiko. Mikoto swears he'll do anything, but a maid outfit? 2) Teaching of Madoka's Style Madoka Oota has just started his career as tutor, and he's going to do things by the manual! But his first students are brothers Kiyo and Seigo, who like to play around. Madoka's determined to succeed, but the brothers have special plans for their cute sensei... 3) The Sleeping Prince 4) Our Love Times Two 5) CheerfulxCohabitationxDailyLife 6) Make Love Prince 

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  1. Comedy, School Life, Yaoi
  2. Completed
  3. Amagi Reno
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