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Collection of cute short stories focusing on formation of relationships. 1) Welfare Storm - A student has a crush on a new, beautiful, substitute school attendant. But the attendant is a jinker and brings unhappiness to the student... 2) Attraction Liqueur - An ace & young worker from tech sector becomes the assistant of ace salesman who can not drink too much. Young worker shows how much he has yearned for the salesman and invites him to their private drinking session... 3) Hibinoya Boarding House Cronicle - The cloistered son of noble family suddenly lives to the hero's house in order to learn the life of ordinary people... 4) Fickle Wings & Everyday Fickle - Yoshimoto Oki is a quiet boy. With both his parents working overseas, he is often home alone, and so finds solace in his computer. But when he participates and wins in the "Infinite Colour Wing" game contest, the prize turns out to be something more than he bargained for ...

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  1. Yaoi
  2. 2002
  3. Completed
  4. TAKANAGI Yuuna
  5. TAKANAGI Yuuna
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