Les Sciences et les Fantaisie Manga

さきっちょだけでも, , Even Just the Tip , Les Sciences et les Fantaisies , Sakiccho dake demo , Sakiccho Dakedemo

Collection of short stories:

1. Okuyami Moushiagemasu (Please Accept My Condolences)

2. Waterproof + extra [Waterproof the Two of Them After That]

3. Underground

4. Kanojo wa Shinda (She Died)

5. Les Sciences et les Fantaisies
When salesman Yoroizuka runs into his ex-boyfriend Tatemichi Koreeda, he's uncomfortable. But Koreeda gets Yoroizuka assigned to help him in the lab, and Yoroizuka starts to remember all the good times he had with the unromantic mad scientist. If only he could remember why they broke up...

6. Sakitcho Dakedemo (Even Just the Tip)
A talented art student, despairing with his creativity drying up, spies a ramen shop worker in a street and accidentally catches a glimpse of an intriguing tattoo on the shop worker's nape. This intrigues him to visit the ramen shop next night where he finds himself talking to the shop worker. More often they meet and talk, wilder his fantasies become, blurring a line between reality and fantasy.

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  1. Slice of Life, Yaoi
  2. 2010
  3. Completed
  4. TOJITSUKI Hajime
  5. TOJITSUKI Hajime
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