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コゼットの肖像, , Cossette no Shozou , Le Portrait de Petit Cossette , Le Portrait de petite Cosette (French) , Le Portrait de Petite Cossette

From Tokyopop:

Eiri Kurahashi is an art school student, with a job at a local antique store. It's there that he develops a strange obsession. He finds himself entranced by a portrait of a Victorian-era girl named Cossette. It's a portrait with a strange history--everyone who has owned it has been murdered in a bizarre fashion. But the story runs much deeper than that. Cossette was savagely murdered by her lover, who also happens to be the artist who painted the portrait. When the new owner of the portrait nearly kills himself, Eiri decides to get involved. And that's when Cossette begins speaking to him...

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  1. Horror, Mystery, Romance, Seinen, Supernatural, Tragedy
  2. 2004
  3. Completed
  4. KATSURA Asuka
  5. KATSURA Asuka
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