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喰いタン; Kui-Tan; Kuitan; The Case Files of the Gourmand Detective; Vua ăn phá án

“Holmes Agency” is a private detective office known as the “Big-Eating” Detective Office. Seiya Takano, who is known for have a huge appetite, gets assigned to this office as the new leader. Ryosuke Noda and Ryoko Izumi, both also having a big appetite work under Seiya. Murder, robbery, and kidnapping - many incidents occur around them. And the three solve each of the many cases in a most surprising way - their appetite results in marvelous speculations! They eat at themurder scene. They eat on the track. They even eat dog food! They keep on eating and eating, not even listening to the witness. Everywhere they go, they eat and eat and eat! And every time after finishing, the criminal appears. KUITAN is the words “Big-Eating” and Detective combined together. “Real Gourmet” plus “Real Mystery”. The big-eating detectives are on the run, solving cases from their deep knowledge about food.

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Kui Tan Chapters

  • Volume 1
  • 2 years agoKui Tan 1: Devour the Mascarpone
  • 2 years agoKui Tan 2: Devour the Roadside Croquette
  • 2 years agoKui Tan 3: Devour Someone Else's Deep-Fried Steak
  • 2 years agoKui Tan 4: Devour Sushi From The Murder Scene
  • 2 years agoKui Tan 5: Down Poisoned Tea
  • 2 years agoKui Tan 6: Devour Everything From Cup Noodles To Soba
  • 2 years agoKui Tan 7: Devour Everything In The Student Canteen
  • Volume 2
  • 2 years agoKui Tan 8: Devour Cold Tea Rice on a Hot Summer Day!
  • 2 years agoKui Tan 9: Devour Even Dog Food!
  • 2 years agoKui Tan 10: Devour Food While Chasing The Criminal!
  • 2 years agoKui Tan 11: Devour Health Food Too!
  • 2 years agoKui Tan 12: Devour A Takeout While Queueing Up!
  • 2 years agoKui Tan 13: Have a Bite of a Gem!
  • 1 year agoKui Tan 14: Devour a Celebrity's Bento!
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  1. Comedy, Mystery, Seinen
  2. Completed
  3. Terasawa Daisuke
  4. Terasawa Daisuke
  5. 2 Votes, Rating: 5
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