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Koinanka Hajimaranai, Love Won't Begin (Fujiwara)

"I absolutely won't fall for this brat!" Due to job transfers, Makoto has no choice but to stay at the home of her father's friend for the time being. But there lives a boy who makes her boiling mad!? Turns out he's the king of popularity at school, but he's a prankster who likes to mess with Makoto, and even recently dumped one of Makoto's good friends! How is Makoto supposed to handle this obnoxious brat!?

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  1. Drama, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
  2. 2004
  3. Completed
  4. FUJIWARA Yoshiko
  5. FUJIWARA Yoshiko
  6. 3 Votes, Rating: 4.7
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