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レディへの階段 結婚嫌いの三兄弟 3; 御曹子の憂鬱 結婚嫌いの三兄弟; 恋は舞踏会で 結婚嫌いの三兄弟 2; Koi wa Butoukai de; Lady e no Kaidan; Onzoushi no Yuuutsu; The blacksheep's arranged marriage; The C.E.O.'s unplanned proposal; The playboy's office romance

In the Kekkon Kirai no Sankyoudai series(????????; The Three Marriage-Hating Brothers), also called the "Billion-Dollar Braddocks" series: 1) Onzoushi no Yuuutsu (??????; The C.E.O.'s Unplanned Proposal): Cinderella by Mistake! When a case of mistaken identity landed Katie Canton in the Braddock world of wealth and power, she couldn't resist the temptation to mingle with the famous family. Especially fascinating eldest brother, Adam. Getting the commanding C.E.O. to loosen up was a worthy cause -- until Katie realized the danger of opening her heart to a man whose master plan did not include Ms. Nobody from Nowhere! The unshakeable Adam was all shook up -- and a slip of a woman was to blame. Mysterious Katie had tilted his ordered world off its axis. Would the man who had everything recognize the one gift money couldn't buy -- a lifetime of love? 2) Koi wa Butoukai de (??????; The Playboy's Office Romance): Spoiled...Braddock! Lara Richmond couldn't believe that irresponsible playboy, Bryce Braddock, would be CEO of Braddock Industries -- and Lara's new boss. Surely the tabloids' favorite Braddock brother would grow bored without his fast cars and faster women? Lara wasn't about to examine why the thought of enduring Bryce's maddening presence every day caused her heart to beat faster! Bryce reveled in the chance to prove his right to the Braddock legacy. And to provoke no-nonsense Lara Richmond. Until one intense encounter hinted that their battle of wills hid an earth-shattering passion. It was time for a new corporate strategy -- a takeover of the heart! 3) Lady e no Kaidan (???????; The Blacksheep's Arranged Marriage): The Braddock blood ran fierce and true in Peter Braddock. Yet his scandalous past kept the youngest Braddock sibling from feeling he really belonged in the elite society his family ruled. Perhaps that's what made him defend shy, awkward Theadosia Berenson -- the ugly duckling debutante -- and landed him in trouble that led to a marriage proposal! Thea knew Peter felt honor-bound to propose. But the perpetual wallflower couldn't say no to the man who stirred her secret fantasies. Though she tried to hide her tender feelings, one kiss revealed a shocking desire between them. Would the spark ignite a fire -- and lead two lonely hearts home? (from fictiondb)

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  1. Josei, Romance
  2. Completed
  3. Kishida Reiko
  4. Karen Toller Whittenburg
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