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華佗風来伝; The Journey of Hua Tuo

Healing sicknesses and exterminating ghosts are his specialties!
The story of the renowned doctor who has alighted to the earth, Hua Tuo’s great accomplishments!
The setting is in China during the period of the Three Kingdoms! The one who manages to cure ailments, and even perform exorcisms and extermine monsters with ease is the great doctor Hua Tuo. And he asks not for monetary payment, but for a recital of the prayer, “Namuamidahba.” What could the true goal of Hua Tuo be as he travels with his two mysterious companions, Ri Yao and Yue Jing, who are constantly trying to keep him in check…?

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  1. Fantasy, Josei
  2. Completed
  3. Akino Matsuri
  4. Akino Matsuri
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