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Jiya is an alien and a galaxy patrol member on a mission to Earth. His first encounter with humankind is rescuing a rich party girl, Kaede, and her chauffeur Kyuumonji Yukio from mountain bandits. Using Kyuumonji's body as a host, Jiya is going to check out rumors of a recent infestation of "vampires" on Earth that are attacking beautiful young women.

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  • Volume 1
  • 3 years agoJiya 1: Journey with an Alien
  • 3 years agoJiya 2: Attack of an Alien
  • 3 years agoJiya 3: Justice of an Alien
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  1. Sci-fi, Seinen
  2. 2008
  3. Completed
  4. Katsura Masakazu
  5. Toriyama Akira
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