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痛々しいラヴ; Amours blessantes; At the Park; Heavy and Pop (♀); Heavy and Pop Female; His Scent; Holiday Part 2; Liebe und andere Lügengeschichten; Painfully from the Heart; Sweet (NANANAN Kiriko)

Collection of 23 stories about love in the everyday life of the Japanese. Contains: ? Holiday Part 2 A girl reads a shoujo manga and is left unsatisfied by the ending. ? At the Park Two best friends, one of them whose name is Yoko, spends time with each other as they set of fireworks at the park, but there is a meaning behind the get together. What is the reason for it? ? Painfully from the Heart Showing the connection between pain and love ? Heavy and Pop (?) A prostitute thinks about the concept of love. ? Sweet A girl reflects herself cheating on her boyfriend.

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  1. Drama, Josei, Mature, Romance
  2. Completed
  3. Nananan Kiriko
  4. Nananan Kiriko
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